Education and Technology Webinar - Shaping the future of Chemical Engineering Education

This panel discussion offered an opportunity for the community to share ideas and discussed perspectives about current and future industry and education trends.  Our diverse panel comprised of Sadat Hemmani, Daniel Wielechowski, Titi Oliyide, Professor David Shallcross, and Professor Jarka Glassey who shared their views on how education can deliver the industry needs for the future.

Watch the recording of this exciting webinar here and follow an excellent discussion about the challenges facing the chemical engineering education and training, and how we as a community can meet the needs of the profession in the future.

Webinar recording

Date: 9 March 2022 
Time: 08:30 (BST)

Our webinar panel 

Sadaf Hemmani, Senior Business Developer - Carbon XBV 
Sadaf graduated with an MEng in Chemical Engineering from University of Nottingham (Malaysia) in 2019 and has been working as a Business developer since.

Daniel Wielechowshi, Operations and Process Engineer Manager 
Daniel graduated with a double degree BEng in Chemical Engineering and BSc in Science at Monash University in 2013 followed by an MSc in Environment & Sustainability in 2018. He has worked in different industries fulfilling a variety of roles and locations and currently works for Tesla.

Titi Oliyide, Senior Safety Engineer - Siemens 
Titi is a Chemical Engineer with a background in chemical and process systems engineering. Titi has combined her work and studies with several volunteer tutoring and mentoring positions that have helped to underpin the development of science, chemistry and mathematics skills in secondary school students.

Professor David Shallcross, Deputy Dean (Academic) Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, University of Melbourne
David is a Professor in Chemical engineering with a long standing academic career. He has been the Editor-in-chief of the journal 'Education for chemical engineers' and a recepient of the Morton Medal (2006). Over the years David has work in the space of Chemical Engineering Education in many different roles.

Professor Jarka Glassey, University of Newcastle 
Jarka is a Professor of Chemical Engineering Education with a prolific publication record in the area. She has been the Chair of the Education SIG of the IChemE for a number of years and is a fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering as well as a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy UK.