Orangepeel Science Communication

IChemE members who have been engaged in this project are extremely grateful for the support of Orangepeel Science Communication. 

Established in 2010, Orangepeel is a small communications consultancy based in Australia with global networks. As science communicators, we help to build bridges between those involved in STEM and those who are not. We believe effective communication positively impacts decision makers. It increases trust in scientists, increases levels of scientific literacy in the community, and provides an avenue for the 'business of STEM’ to be part of our culture. Importantly, effective communication also lets your stakeholders know what you are doing and why.

There are many stories to be told, and it is our business to help in the telling. We take extensive, complicated and technical work and distil it into clear messages, exciting stories and engaging narratives that are beautifully presented. We provide services for anyone wishing to express their great work in a clear, concise, and smart manner, ensuring that the message is visible to the targeted audience. 

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