Centenary Events

The following volunteer recognition, webinars and end of year events were organised as part of the centenary year celebrations. These events included industry and research leaders and generated discussions on the future of the profession and its role in society.


Keynote Presentations

23 November 2022, Volunteer Recognition Event, Manchester University, Keynote Presentation-1

Speaker: Adisa Azapagic

Topic: “Systems, life cycles and sustainability - The role of chemical engineering”.

In her keynote presentation, Prof Azapagic discussed how chemical engineering is responding to the many challenges faced by the modern world in the areas of economy, environment and society in a more 'sustainable' way.

8 March 2023, Volunteer Recognition Event, Imperial College London, Keynote Presentation-2

Keynote speaker: Ken Rivers

Topic: "A league of extraordinary engineers: Chemical engineering's contribution to managing major hazards"

In his keynote presentation, Ken Rivers discussed how chemical engineers have responded to major hazards within the process industry, inspired by their understanding of managing complex high hazard environments. Ken also discussed the shift in people mindset and mental models required to manage major hazards.



  • Sustainability & Environment 
    • Consumption - driving and defining issues of the future. How should chemical engineers respond?
    • Confirmed panel members: Chris Hamlin, Dr Mary Stewart, Dr Pratima Rangajaran, Mark Apsey, Professor Stefaan Simons and Joanna Snape
    • Wednesday 16 February 2022 (08:30 GMT) 
  • Education & Technology 
    • Shaping the future of Chemical Engineering Education
    • Confirmed panel members: Sadat Hemmani, Daniel Wielechowski, Titi Oliyide, Professor David Shallcross and Professor Jarka Glassey
    • Wednesday 9 March 2022 (08:30 GMT)
  • Social Experience 
    • The potential future trajectories of society and how the work of the chemical engineering profession may be tasked to add value
    • Confirmed panel members: Dr Marlene Kanga, Professor Genevieve Bell, Tom Burke, Dr Adeeba Kamarulzaman and Liveris Academy Scholars Lilly van Gilst, Victoria Barnes and Kyel Steensma
    • Wednesday 13 April 2022 (08:30 BST)
  • Energy 
    • Redefining the Energy Mix : What does the future of energy look like in the transition to Net Zero?
    • Confirmed panel members: Yasmin Ali, Neil Loader, Professor Peter Taylor, Alexandra Meldrum
    • Wednesday 11 May 2022 (08:30 BST)
  • Processes & Safety 
    • Safer processes for a sustainable world
    • Confirmed panel members: Dr Thomas Lakey, Dame Judith Hackitt, David Edwards, Trish Kerin and Ian Shott
    • Wednesday 8 June 2022 (08:30 BST)
  • Food & Water 
    • Chemical Engineering for Sustainable Food and Water- Feast or Famine?
    • Confirmed Panel members: Prof Rachel Louise Gomes, Viknesh A Murugappan, Hugh Thomas, Andres Mansilla, Dr Petra Hanga and Dr David Pearce, Webinar Moderator/Chair - Amit Verma
    • Wednesday 13 July (08:30 BST)
  • Built Environment & Transport 
    • Built Environment and Transport: Developing sustainable zero-carbon solutions for the future
    • Confirmed Panel members: Dr Nasrin Aghamohammadi, Professor Nilay Shah, Claire Miller, Professor Steven Dunn, Associate Professor Dr Suela Kellici, Titi Oliyide, Jim Briggs
    • Wednesday 10 August (08:30 BST)
  • Health 
    • Future Health – the Chemical Engineer's role
    • Wednesday 14 September (08:30 BST)
    • Confirmed Panel members: Dr Peter Iles Smith, Sujeewa Sumanasena, Keith Plumb, Dr Badarulhisam Abdul Rahman, Dr Karen Coopman, Anthony Margetts, Vicky Lange, Elizabeth Cheeseman
  • Materials 
    • Reducing the impact of our dependence on Steel, Cement and Plastics
    • Wednesday 12 October (08:30 BST)
    • Confirmed panel members: Dr Colin Brown, Dr Leon Prentice, Dr Fang Xie, Professor Paul Fennell, Joseph Bailey

End of Year Events

8 March 2023, Volunteer Recognition Event, Imperial College London

Keynote speaker: Ken Rivers "A league of extraordinary engineers: Chemical engineering's contribution to managing major hazards"

Hosts: Nigel Hirst, Steven Gasser

University contact: Omar Matar (HoD); Nazma Mojid
University location: LT3 & SCR

Member Group: London & South East Coast

23 November 2022, Volunteer Recognition Event, Manchester University

Keynote speaker: Adisa Azapagic “Systems, life cycles and sustainability: The role of chemical engineering”.

Hosts: Nigel Hirst, Steven Gasser

University contact: Debbie Woods (personal assistant to Professor Lev Sarkisov, Head of Department)

University location: BioTechnology Building

Member Group: North West, Manchester

5 November 2022, Volunteer Recognition Event, University of Malaya (UM) 

Keynote speaker: En Muhammad Sallehudin Jabar, - Head Process Department
Group Technical Solution (GTS), Project Delivery and Technology Division (PD&T)
Hosts: Dharshani / Tharshinye   

University contact: Professor Aziz Raman, Vice-Chancellor of Student Affairs of University of Malaya (UM)  

University location: Block Y Auditorium, Faculty of Engineering, UM 

Member Group: none  

17 November 2022, Volunteer Recognition Event, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Queensland

Keynote speaker: John McGagh  
Hosts: Ewan Stewart, Natalie Angelone  

University contact: Hong Peng (Lecturer, UQ) 

University location: Andrew Liveris Building, University of Queensland 

Member Group: Joint Chemical Engineering Committee, Queensland  

2 December 2022, ChemEng Evolution - December Close Out Event

Virtual event

Host: Nigel Hirst
Speakers: David Bogle, Jane Cutler

Format: A panel type discussion hosted and chaired by IChemE Deputy President Nigel Hirst.