About ChemEng Evolution

Welcome to ChemEng Evolution

This website represents a unique project. 

It brings together IChemE members from across the world to celebrate the Centenary of the Institution of Chemical Engineers. 

This website will celebrate the chemical engineering profession and the achievements of chemical engineers. The written content and webinar programme has been constructed and curated by a volunteer community. The website is not intended to be an academic resource, or a comprehensive overview of the profession - however it does reflect the global chemical engineering community and their experiences. 

Throughout 2022 and beyond, the website will grow and new content will be added. Please enjoy this and register to participate in the forthcoming webinar programme. 

About IChemE 

Founded in 1922, the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) is a multi-national institution with primary offices in the UK and Australia. We exist to advance chemical engineering’s contribution for the benefit of society.

IChemE members can be found in a wide range of industry sectors, and at different stages of their careers. They play a key role in our governance and day-to-day operations. IChemE is led by members, supports members and serves society.